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Tom Hardy... and this is crazy!

This is my imaginary boyfriend. One of many actually, but for now he's my number one.

He's charismatic. There's something about him that makes you notice him even in a small parts, he owns every scene he's in and draws attention. I can watch his interviews all day and not get bored because he's a chameleon, he changes all the time. Not just the way he looks, he sounds differently, speaks differently, changes even the tone of his voice and gesticulation. You think you had him all figured out but then you realise you know nothing. What a mystery ;p

He's a great actor. If you saw Bronson or The Take you know what I mean. He makes it real. Every character. He's so believable.

As a person (well as much as you can tell from the interviews) he seems a nice guy. But what's more important he's a real thing. Had problems with alcohol, drugs and police and he made it through. That's something I can relate to and I know how hard it is to win a fight with addiction and live, just live your life without escaping into drugs. It's an easy way, being sober requires so much more strenght.

There's his fiancee of course ;p an actress as well, and I didn't think of her acting very highly until I saw The Take. She was brilliant! And she also seems a nice person.

Soooo... there you go. Some of the reasons why I'm a bit obsessed with Tom Hardy and his boyish charm.

Oh, and his voice....!boom - pregnant!

some of my favourite photos :


The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILERS!)

So finally I saw the film.... and I'm amazed. That was not unexpected because I loved the previous two and I love Chirstopher Nolan's way of telling a story, but there was something I didn't expect - feeling sorry for Bane. I mean, he's a villian, that's unquestionable.  But somehow in my twisted mind I got intrigued by his story, his devotion for Talia, his ?love? for her. And I started feeling sorry for him, in a way. I still have conflicting feelings about this, need to re-watch the movie.

I even found a lj community dedicated to this pairing ( even some fanfictions). Weeeeee! It makes me feel more normal to know there are more people who liked them.

Oh , those guilty pleasures!

Rory McCann - oh those lumberjack hands.

Just becouse I love him. Him and his hands.

(+fake tattoos)

good night :D

I love Irish

UEFA Euro Championship in Poland and Ukraine :)

No more matches in Poznan unfortunately, almost all the fans already left the city and I can’t help but feel sad about it.

Poznan was never as colorful and just sooo.. happy. All the fans from Ireland, Italy and Croatia, all the singing in the streets, happy faces, just having fun even if they lost the match.

I was amazed by the Irish, and I thought maybe I’m just a bit too excited, maybe it’s just me, but no! Everyone here misses them already! The most genuinely friendly nation I’ve ever met.  They drank a lot and sang a lot, hugging strangers on the streets and being just so … nice! Our polish football fans could learn from them ( and people in general, because we as a nation are known for heavy drinking and … well …getting aggressive). And we did, we learned from them, sang with them, exchanged out flags and had so much fun together. They seemed as amazed with us as we were with them.

I work in this whole “football industry” so I know how football fans can be, especially to a woman (as I work mostly with men ) and it was such a nice change not to be treated like a piece of meat with boobs for once.


My poem, please be gentle with me ;p

There is poem I wrote once, actually there are two - which could be read as Sansa view on Joffrey. I wrote them quite some time ago, and not about Sansa so they're kind of AU.

I'm nervous, because I know it's nothing special and there might be some misspellings and such... 

If anyone reads it , please let me know if you see something like that or some other mistakes. I'm still working on my english and I'll be really happy for any corrections. IF anyone reads it..
God, I don't know why I'm doing this.


You sang to me mother.

Of soft green lands and clear blue sky. And the place

Where warm wind blows on your skin like a lover's kiss.

But there was no soft grass, where I crawled on all fours

And there was no light in his blue eyes when I felt

A blow on my skin.

My lover’s caress.

You sang to me of God.

But this god, he must be deaf.

For my prayers were left unanswered.

And you said God sees us all.

Then he must have watched me,

through his blue eyes.

I couldn’t hide from him too.

And another one:


 I must have cared once. Before,

The rough fingers and unforgiving lips

And the all traces left on my body

I was

Like a flower closing itself in the hand

All,  petals,  knees to the chin,

Crushing under the touch.

I must have cared once.

Before I hid claws and teeth under the pillow

Waiting for some tooth fairy

But it never came.


Sansan poem

The day has come, when I finally decided to write something in my own livejournal.

I found this poem and it kind of reminded me of Sandor Clegane. I'm obsessed with him right now, and desperate to understand him more. So here it is. I think of it as a bitter and a bit crazy internal dialogue of his.

The thing is, my english (not as good as I wish) might be the reason I interpretate it like this. I might be wrong, but I'd rather stay ignorant :) it gives me more freedom to see things the way I want to see them ;)

Huge thanks kimberlite8 to for inspiration :D


The things I got from my family
are a hinky heart and a hot temper,
a dark brooding streak and a propensity
to be alone; leave me alone, but listen

They were aggressively smart people
Good looking and full of seductive power
Careless and hurtful.  Don't take it personally
It's all in your head.  Snap out of it!

The house came tripped to crumble five years
Into the second great depression when I was
Finally left alone in the forest here at the back
Hiding on the alley locked and gated all but invisible

Just me and the dogs waiting
For the loud roar in the quiet of a late summer night

When the house implodes with it's secrets intact
And the roof comes tumbling down

By Utah Savage , found here : http://savage-poetry.blogspot.com/

What Color Purple Are You?

Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

do zaakceptowania :D